Monday, March 13, 2017

Mosaic Monday - Spring Flowers

I found some spring flowers, unfortunately they were in the Conservatory and not outside where snow still predominates the landscape.

The Grape Hyacinth is always a favorite of mine.  There were several colors of tulips but I chose to highlight the red ones.  Next is a great example of a daffodil in Peach Cobbler.  The Peace Lily plant had wonderful large blooms on it.   The last was a peach tulip with yellow highlights.

It was a good but short visit to the conservatory as there were 2 birthday parties being held at the same time which meant a large number of children being guided around the pyramids.

Joining Maggie host at Normandy Life for Mosaic Monday #31


  1. Ahhhh spring flowers - I can't wait - for now I have to make do with bouquets from the store.

  2. How our spirits are lifted at the sight of these wonderful spring flowers, sadly the grape hyacinths that I planted many years ago in the front garden have failed to grow this year, I must make a note to plant some more in October.
    Thanks for being a part of MM again this week
    a bientot!

  3. Spring lowers make a welcome sight, whether indoors or out. Lovely photos.


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