Wednesday, March 8, 2017

One Thousand Gifts - Between Sessions

There is Between Session work in the One Thousand Gift bible study.

We are asked to continue to write down our gift list.  To always have a place to write handy - a file on the phone, the computer, a note book and or a dry erase board.

Ten more dots to write down gifts in our guide.  I will share a few from this week.

1. Tea with a friend
2. Time to make art
3. A clean house
4. A good visit with a sister

I found these journals at a local craft store and made them available to the participants if they did not already have a journal.

Ann says when we move too fast we no longer collect memories.  How can we collect our memories so we can retell and share our stories with others?  Where do we go back to remind ourselves of our stories?  I find that when I am too busy I forget to take pictures then I have little to remember the experience later.

A few suggestions are:

1. Scrapbooking - digital or paper
2. A digital photo frame with regular updates
3. Keep a guest book and bring it out when company comes.

Do you have ideas you want to share?  Leave me a comment.

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