Tuesday, March 28, 2017

One Thousdand Gifts - Between Sessions

There is Between Session work in the One Thousand Gift bible study.

We are asked to continue to write down our gift list.  To always have a place to write handy - a file on the phone, the computer, a note book and or a dry erase board.

Ten more dots to write down gifts in our guide.  I will share a few from this week.

1. Dad has been out of the house now that the weather is better.
2. Sunday's music has been with me all week.
3. Spring is here - water is running and geese are flying.

God stretching moment - I was layed off my job 2 years ago.  I spent a few days just beside myself because I was given 30 minutes to empty my office after working there 12 years.  Punch in the gut.  I am doing well and doing what I enjoy.  God is good.

God trusting moment - dropped my car keys when crossing the street running an errand.  Two people were sitting on the stoop of a tatoo business across from where I parked.  When I returned I discovered my keys missing.  I searched a few minutes and found them in the wiper well of my car.  I can't imagine it was not these fellows who put them there because they knew which car the keys belonged to.  I was reassured that God is good. 

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  1. Being laid off a job after 12 years is gut retching. It has happened to members of my family. Thankfully they were able to find new jobs and move on to even better positions. The best way to look at it is that life is ever evolving and it is good to have faith to sustain us.


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