Friday, March 24, 2017

Share Your Cup - This Week

This was tea this morning.  Left over popcorn from the movie last night (more about that in a bit), a cup of Jade Citrus Mint and some orange wedges to make it somewhat healthy.  All set out on a large yellow charger plate then placed on the small yellow chair I bought a while ago.  It has had its second cleaning and now I will have to take sand paper next.

The mug was a gift from a friend many years ago for she knew sunflowers were my favorite flowers.  It is a Canadian Design by Valerie Pfeiffer - Sunflowers.

I finished another book this week as it was due back to the library on Tuesday.

This a collection of short stories of very interesting characters who all live on in the 30 or so houses on Chestnut Street.

Fay's New Uncle is one which I enjoyed.  She did not know him until he needed her to be released from the hospital.  He was elderly, quiet and kept to himself. The hospital staff tracked her down and suggested she visit him there.  He seems nice enough but the rub is he can not be released from hospital unless someone agrees to care for him.
She visits the house on Chestnut Street, it is clean and tidy and well kept. She agrees to help the old guy out.  It will need renovations to allow him to live on the main floor. The guy has funds so that proceeds.  Now a tenant on the upper floor would be ideal.  Well what about her and her room mate.  Yes, that will work.  The arrangement made was they would cook Sunday supper for him every week.  Soon, he is visiting his neighbours, making friends and is all around much happier.  I would recommend this one.

A friend and I saw the movie "The Shack" last night.  When the book was released in 2007 several copies circulated around our ladies group.  I borrowed the book and read it cover to cover in 2 binge sessions.  I have since acquired my own copy and try to read it once a year.  It is so good! 

That year as well when the author P.W. Young was on his book tour a bunch of us went out to dinner and went to see him talk about the book.

The movie was terrific.  I love God portrayed as a black woman.  Jesus as a dark skinned, plaid shirt wearing carpenter and the spirit as a creative Asian woman. 

The power of forgiveness has to redeem our souls. Totally enjoyed it. 

Look what I found at the thrift store yesterday!!

Another glass lemon.  Eventually, I am hoping to have a bowl full of glass lemons and now I have two.

This is very good!

Sharing with Jann who hosts at Daily Cup with Mrs. Olson and Share Your Cup #241.


  1. Sylvia, you could have set that breakfast for me! Popcorn and tea, Yum! Your book suggestion sounds interesting. I may bring it forward at our next book club meeting. We read 'The Shack' together years ago and loved it. Several friends will see it next Tuesday. Thank you for visiting and have a happy weekend! Zenda

  2. Sylvia, love your sweet little chair with a tray of oranges, popcorn, and tea! I read the Shock when it came out. I love to read and I have become intrigued with historical fiction...Happy Saturday!

  3. What a pretty set-up for breakfast. I do love yellow and that chair is very cheery -- especially with your plate and mug!

    I've heard of the Shack and of Maeve Binchy but not directly familiar. Very good recommendations!


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