Monday, March 20, 2017

One Thousand Gifts - Between Sessions

There is Between Session work in the One Thousand Gift bible study.

We are asked to continue to write down our gift list.  To always have a place to write handy - a file on the phone, the computer, a note book and or a dry erase board.

Ten more dots to write down gifts in our guide.  I will share a few from this week.

1. A good result from my tests last week.
2. A visit from my sister.
3. A friend called and we made plans.
4. Fellowship with ladies.
5. My sisters grandson is getting better.

Our ugly-beautiful moments are moments when we can excavate the experience deep enough to see Christ.  Many times we cannot, at times all we can do is cope, at times we can be grateful, and then other times we can be transformed by the moment.

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