Saturday, March 25, 2017

Tea Cup Coaster Project

There are three of us working on Tea Cup Coasters for the Mother Daughter event our womens group is planning for May.

We have shared fabric and lace and the sewing machines have been whirring.

The original pattern for these can be found at The Enchanting Rose blog where Stephanie has posted the details. Follow this link.

We are using fusible interfacing which is a bit heavy and I was concerned about trying to turn that over in the seam.  One of the other ladies offered the suggestion of making the interfacing only the size of the finished cup.  That is working wonderfully.  So I cut my fabric to 5 inches, cut my interfacing to finshed size, fuse it to the wrong side of the front piece.  I then sew the lace which provides a mechanical connection between the fabric and interfacing should the glue release over time.  I add my handle, sew around, turn it over, iron flat.  I then start my over stitch in the lace where the join will not be obvious. Go all the way around. Done!

I am working on a small tag to go with these that will encourage those using the coaster to encourage someone who comes to mind and heart while they drink their tea.

Our count is 54 and we are aiming for 80.  Over halfway there.

They are so cute!!

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  1. Now those are sure cute Sylvia! What nice gifts they would make too! Thanks for sharing your creativity!

  2. Oh my! That is a LOT of coasters -- but they are adorable and perfect for a tea! Very clever!

  3. What an adorable idea! In my retirement years, I have learned to appreciate tea...:)JP

  4. I have received a few of these as gifts and treasure each one. What a great idea to use them for a MD event, the ladies will love them.

  5. I love seeing all the teacup coasters that you've created so far. They all look great! My sewing skills leave much to be desired so I'm always delighted when my craftier friends gift me a teacup coaster.


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